Witches in and around Suffolk by Pip and Joy Wright

For as long as history itself, we’ve been a superstitious lot in East Anglia. It is nearly 300 years since our elected representatives told us to stop persecuting witches, but old habits die hard. After all, if the Bible and Shakespeare recognised witches, who are we to disagree?
The trouble is, in a confusing world, it is comforting in a way to have an explanation for the inexplicable. Be it sickness or infestation, storm, blight or sudden death, then sorcery could just be the answer.
A whole folk-lore has grown up around the ‘wise ones’ of Suffolk, so that in most of our towns and villages, you can still find someone who will tell you tales of their local ‘witch’.
But truth to tell, the history of witchcraft in and around Suffolk is an altogether darker story, about suffering, persecution and death. It reached into the hearts of families and communities and created a fear and a hysteria that lasted until recent times.

In this book I’ve sought out stories of those who were accused, tormented and even hanged for witchcraft in and around Suffolk.

This book is now out of print and no longer available.

'Witches in and around Suffolk'
Pip & Joy Wright
Pawprint Publishing ISBN 0 9548298 1 6



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