The Watery Places of Suffolk by Pip Wright

Wherever I might be, I gravitate towards water.  Ponds, lakes, rivers, marshes or the sea - these are the places I love. I firmly believe that a landscape is incomplete without water forming a key part of it.
Assuming I am not the only one who thinks like this, I dedicate this book to all seekers of wet places... 
To those who love to lounge beside lakes, to roam by riversides, to malinger in marshes, to go footloose through fens, or tarry on the tideline; this book is for you.

The book has 60 pages with dozens of full colour pictures including some by Suffolk wildlife photographer, Richard Weale.

The Watery Places of Suffolk by Pip Wright
Now out of print

ISBN: 978-0-9564855-0-2

Culford Bridge
Gilrs at Icksworth
The Watery places of suffolk
Benacre Beach
'John Saunders"'
The Class of '63
Frolic, Fervour and Fornication
Local History Talks
News from Essex, 1720 - 1900
Lucky is the Name
The Watery Places of Suffolk
Thomas Slappe’s Booke of Physicke
Daniel Malden
Newspapers in suffolk
Witches in and around Suffolk
Diary of a poor Suffolk woodman
"The Suffolk Gipsy"
Death Recorded
I read it in the Local Rag
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