Newspapers in Suffolk

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Newspapers in Suffolk: Volume I (1720 – 1800) Includes smugglers, highwaymen and some very strange sports

Newspapers in Suffolk: Volume II (1801 – 1825) Tales from the time of Napoleon, poachers and quack doctors

Newspapers in Suffolk: Volume III (1826 – 1850) Crime, political sleaze and the demon drink

Newspapers in Suffolk: Volume IV (1851 – 1875) War, witchcraft and the coming of the railways

Newspapers in Suffolk: Volume V (1876 – 1900) Jubilees, bicycles, April fools and trips to the seaside

Newspapers in Suffolk: Volume VI (1901 – 1914) Inventors, votes for women, speeding fines and football riots




Some weeks ago, a man of the name of Crannis, was convicted in the sum of fifteen pounds, for having been found on the lands of Mr. Newton, of El(ve)den, with three hen Pheasants in his pockets; he being a person not qualified to kill game; and for non-payment of the penalty was committed to the gaol here for three months; on his arrival at the prison, he was put into the receiving ward, to be examined, as is the usual mode, before admitted into the interior of the gaol; he was left there alone nearly half-an-hour; during the time he amused himself by drawing three pheasants upon the walls with a piece of charcoal, and writing under them the following lines;-

I am a carpenter by trade, I never was incroaching,
I had no work, no money, which made me go a poaching,
Three hen pheasants I had got, and homeward I was making
Two fellows stop’d me on the road, so poor Joe was taken;
Then to the Justice they did bring me, with him I could not prevail
For my mittimus he did sign, and sent me off to gaol
The pheasants I should have caught, I have now left for store,
And this summer if they have luck, they’ll breed plenty more,
And as soon as ever the next season do come in,
If I am alive and not confined, I shall be ready to begin,
And if that I am taken again, the money I will pay.
For I shall never stand for money, while pheasants look so gay.

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Newspapers in suffolk
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